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Pete Stokely
Pete Stokely, co-founder of Stokely Consulting, currently serves as its Minister of Non-Critical Information. His favorite languages are Perl and English; the balance progressively shifting to the latter in recent years. A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, he has resided in many different regions of the US, preferring those with plentiful Mexican food and very little snow.

Among many other enthusiasms, he loves all critters that are not actively trying to eat him. He recently settled in Austin, but is unable to tell whether this makes him an actual Texan or not.

We hate spam!

It's Not Us! Spam's Even Viler Side
(October 1, 2003) Do you hate spam? Really hate it? Naah. You only think you do. Pete tells how we got spoofed, got blacklisted and generally got madder at spammers than you probably will ever be.

As the Worm Turns -- The Spam Forgery Saga Continues
(November 16, 2003) No matter who you are -- or how high your standards of ethics and security are -- your domain name can easily be forged. The program to do so could be written by a starfish. We analyze "our" spam and ask AOL for advice.

Critter Stories

Ms. Skunk
(October 1, 2003) The first of Pete's Critter Stories. Pete makes a point of not falling in love often, but must make an exception for a gorgeous young skunk who likes cat food, almond cookies, flower pots and ... well, his whole house.

Baby Skunk Moves In
(October 1, 2003) Ms Skunk was a class act, but her son... he just wasn't raised right. Baby Skunk, flushed from his culvert home by the first big rain of the Monsoon season, finds an ideal new home in a warm, snug place... behind the dryer. Celeste objects.

Baby Skunk Is Evicted
(November 1, 2003) Baby Skunk's fate is deliberated as laundry piles up. Pete's brilliant plan, heroic vigils and inadvertant triumph.


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