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A collection of Pete's informal stories, musings and crank mail, including plenty of Critter Stories. The Back Yard steers clear of anything smacking of practical utility, increased productivity or effective Time Management. We hope you enjoy it.
Lighter Side of Sysadm The Lighter Side of System Administration
Before you strangle that user or decide to grow tomatoes for a living, giggle and groan with some of the finest tech humor we've found on the Web.
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You may not always agree with us, but you won't be bored! Read our rants on consulting, business, computing, system administration and life. Try some of our favorite recipes.
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Unix Serial Port Resources Unix SysAdm Resources

Whoa! Where did they go?

We merged our Unix Serial Port Resources and Unix System Administrator's Resources with SunHELP

For over a decade, it has been the webmistress' great joy and pleasure to compile the Unix information you're used to finding on these pages. We have answered questions from ships at sea, Russian physics institutes, universities everywhere, government agencies with an A in their name, numerous customer support organizations and many people in IT departments large and tiny - at 3am - just trying to meet a deadline.

However, the time has come to pass the torch. But, where should it go? It's simple, Bill Bradford's SunHELP. Bill has a proven, long-standing committment to distributing information to Unix system administrators. SunHELP is a magnificent resource. Bill and SunHELP have answered many of my questions over the years. It makes sense to merge our information with his. Bill also maintains the sun-managers list and archives, SPARCbook and LinuxManagers mailing lists, many technical forums, and Bill is a tremendously helpful, driving force in the Unix sysadm world. We know you'll find what you need at SunHELP, including Unix Serial Port Resources and Unix System Administrator's Resources.

The webmistress is deeply grateful for your enthusiasm, email, suggestions, recommendations and awards. Thank you. You made it all worthwhile.

Find out more about Stokely Consulting's Technical Project Management, Product Management, & Engagement Management Services to get your Information Technology projects on track. Our Software Lifecycle Services can provide Perl and PHP programming, QA Automation, data analysis, and system architecture help. We are here to help you succeed!

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