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Our Golden Rules of Consulting

These "golden rules" were developed over the years by Peter and Celeste Stokely of Stokely Consulting. They were presented at Usenix's SAGE/LISA '95 conference during the "Being a Successful System Administration Consultant or Contractor BOF" session in September, 1995. If all consultants played by these rules, Stokely Consulting believes that the world would be a better place to work and live.

Be the professional's professional.

Know your customers.

Give your customers more than they expect.

The high road is a two-way street.

Learn when to "No Bid".

Retrain yourself constantly.

Contributing is marketing.

Know the business side of running a business.

Slow times come when you can least handle them.

Fast times come when you can least handle them.

Love your work, have fun or find a different job.


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